10 Kolb Grading loader trucks at the Arkansas Highway 71 job site.

Competitive Advantages

Dave Kolb, company founder, and Kolb Grading’s first highlift bulldozer on a residential job site.Since 1960 we've been moving mountains, healing the environment, paving the way forward, protecting what's important and getting the job done. Our business is based on our values: quality, integrity, teamwork, safety, innovation and continuous improvement. We know what it takes to do an outstanding job, starting with extensive planning at both the pre-bid and pre-construciton phases. We bring the power of our experience to our bidding process creating solutions that work. We value long-term relationships. We're committed to quality, safety and value engineering. We're prepared to take on the challenging project and handle the details for you. In short, we'll help make you a success.

  • Design-Build

    We will implement your plan or design one for you. Either way, we will do an outstanding job.

    During inital meetings, we help to define requirements and specifications for your project. We work with you to develop a scope of work and engineering plans, defining costs and preparing a bid. When approved, we provide project management, quality assurance and delivery.

  • Competitive Bidding

    As industry leaders, our method is to work through a preliminary plan before we create a bid. We’re sensitive to the customers needs, time and economics of every bid. We do extensive pre-bid planning utilizing cutting edge software to prepare detailed take-offs during the estimating process. This helps ensure a correct project scope and defined requirements. Our creativity and experience are a factor in every proposal.

  • Value Engineering

    We look for, and present, all the options that will increase the success of your project. We’re on site, watching over the project and finding ways to get the job done more efficiently, economically and safely. Our crews are experienced and committed. We’ve dealt with challenges through the years and that experience paved the way to our approach on succeeding projects.

  • Forward Thinking

    Keeping a fleet of new, state of the art, well-maintained equipment results in greater efficiency, delivers a high quality result, reduces downtime and increases crew members safety. Our in-house fleet of equipment is extensive, with new additions arriving on a regular basis.

    Current Technology

    Kolb Grading was a leader in the early adoption of GPS connectivity on their rock drills, providing precision control when drilling. Their robotic-controlled bulldozers, motor graders and scrapers provide the ability to get the job done quickly, accurately, on target and right the first time. Indicator controls on their track hoes, rock drills and compactors provide real time information to experienced personnel, providing mission critial metrics used in field decision making.

    Kolb crews partner with our equipment to provide outstanding results. Through ongoing training, crew members are prepared to read and interpret what our equipment is telling us, providing feedback and allowing them to perform the job to the specifications required.

    Project Modeling

    After a contract is awarded, Kolb refines its original project plans to increase the precision of the information used to control machines on the job site. This process maps site detail of the project route, including elevation changes and bend trajectory, in 12 inch segments, building a project model that is far more accurate and detailed than the general files originally used in the bidding phase. The new mapping file is then uploaded to Kolb equipment GPS systems to guide and direct equipment operations during the project work, increasing the overall quality, accuracy, and efficient execution of the project.

  • Creating Tomorrow's Industry Today

    Kolb Grading is committed to building the future based upon a solid foundation established by Dave Kolb over 50 years ago. By building a large, strong, stable company with an outstanding track record, it has the resources, people and knowledge to approach projects with a creative, seasoned eye and be a committed partner.

  • Partnerships

    Whether we are one of several subcontractors, or serving as the general contractor, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding team experience for our crews, customers, owners and communities. Long term relationships are the most important thing to us. From business owners to inspectors and engineers, we value all of our customers, partners and associates. From our viewpoint, being a valuable partner means delivering on our promises and keeping our committment to quality, delivery and outstanding results. We’re problem solvers and we’ll help put the right tools in the right place and produce an outstanding result.

  • Experience

    We’re a well qualified firm with decades of hands on training along with formal education. Our teams are designed to bring multiple skill sets to the table. We value continuing education, skills training and we support our team in expanding their competencies and expertise.

  • End to End Project Management

    Simply put: we’ll handle it. All of it. We’ll coordinate every aspect of a project, including subcontractors, paperwork and inspections and we’ll deliver you the keys.

  • A National Company

    Our central US location allows us to work in any part of the lower 48 with quick response times and adequate access. We’ll build a team to handle any project, using our experienced employees partnered with local talent to field the job; alternatively, we will bring in talented crew members to handle the job’s requirements ensuring a successful project completion.