The Page Avenue Extension bridge under construction over Missouri Highway K in St. Charles County.

Our Commitments

From the moment we bid on a project we commit our skills, resources and knowledge to make sure we're delivering the best value and highest quality. We are honored and grateful each time we are awarded a project, and we sincerely appreciate the confidence and trust that our customers place with us.

  • Safety

    Safety is more than an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) number; it's a culture we are committed to.

    Safety protocols include:
    • Weekly safety training for all of our crews and personnel
    • Safety ratings and reports for our projects and teams
    • Site tools for safety management, analysis and reporting
    • Kolb's full safety policy may be viewed at its corporate offices in Weldon Spring, Missouri
  • Quality Craftsmanship

    Quality craftsmanship is more than just something we talk about, it's something we care passionately about.

    Project Due Diligence

    We take the time to understand what the end result needs to look like, how it will function while meeting the requirements that will create an outstanding result, ensuring that all critical elements are addressed, and construct a plan of action that will serve as the controlling "blueprint" for a job once it is awarded.

    Skilled Employees

    We take pride in our team. They are well equipped, trained in current technology and techniques, and seasoned in their craft. Kolb Grading has many employees with 10 to 30 years of service.

    Tools and Technology

    We utilize several different types of industry-leading software to complete detailed quality take-offs during the estimating process and then transfer and enhance that data with modeling software once awarded the project. This data is then used in our machine control GPS systems to accurately finish grade each site. In addition, the use of these software packages enable us to work hand-in-hand with owners and owners' representatives to present potential value engineering ideas that increase safety, quality and productivity with a potential cost savings to the client.

  • Value Engineering

    We approach every bidding situation with an eye for potential risks to identify problems we can address creatively to increase safety, quality and productivity. This includes a substantial amount of time in the pre-bid and pre-construction phases, evaluating every aspect of the proposed project through not only the eyes of a builder, but also as an experienced engineering team that has met this type of challenge before. We’re looking for the things that other people miss, forming a plan and a scope that we know we can execute with a quality result.

  • On Time Delivery

    In the construction and grading industry unexpected obstacles and unforeseen complications can arise without notice. Kolb Grading makes every effort to account for this by developing a project plan that allows flexibilty to overcome these unexpected issues. By performing extensive research and preplanning we are able to develop a project plan with proposed alternate courses of action to surmount these obstacles and to assure the successful completion of your project on time and with superior quality.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Our success is based on repeat customers and we are very proud, and grateful, for that. We are thrilled to create landmarks that serve so many; airports, highways, utilities, pipelines, neighborhoods, schools, lakes, parks, stadiums and golf courses. It’s a commitment we take seriously. When we are awarded a job, we will do what it takes to create a successful team, project, and customer experience, because we know that it will set the stage for the next project, the next team, and the next opportunity to create the future.

  • Long Term Relationships

    Our company has been built on the precept of taking care of our customers the way we want to be taken care of. Building long term relationships that are based on trust, respect and communication is the foundation of how our business has grown for nearly 60 years.

  • Community: Ours & Yours

    We are local, wherever the project is. Our commitment to safety and quality doesn't just apply to employees and machines, it also applies to nearby communities, creatures living in local habitat, and the neighborhoods surrounding our project sites.

    We'll hire qualified local crews or bring a team to do the job, or both depending on the project requirements. If need be, we will bring training professionals to the site to ensure local crew members are adequately trained and proficient in the skills required for that particular job.

  • Neighbor Relations

    No matter where we are working, we consider our team a part of your community and strive to be courteous and thoughtful neighbors. To Kolb Grading, being a good neighbor means conducting our business with respect for the community as if it were our own; and making sure that grounds and areas are left in as good a condition, or better, than they were when we arrived.

  • Wildlife Preservation

    We care for the environment. Our remediation projects not only help clean up the environment, but follow the requirements of the Clean Water Act and clear the way for nature to rebuild communities of animals and plants. We actively build wetlands to serve as nature preserves as well as work around federally protected, endangered species.

    We have worked with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Conservation Department to promote fish spawning and snail preservation on project sites. We have relocated alligators in Texas, gopher turtles in Florida, and rattlesnakes in Missouri. In Indiana, we worked around bats and their hibernacula. On every site requiring creek crossings, we follow guidelines to protect the creek ecosystem including fish, snails and mussels.