Lakeside 370 commercial development site in St. Peters, Missouri.

Commercial Services

Kolb Grading's commercial services group sources, manages and builds project requirements for real estate developments.

In each case, Kolb is a proven partner in performing sitework, excavation, utility storm sewer installations, concrete swale, building pads, parking lot subgrade and access roads/entrances to building sites.

  • Healthcare
    • Rendering of the completed Mercy Virtual Care Facility in Chesterfield, Missouri.
    • Site of Mercy Virtual Care facility construction in Chesterfield, Missouri.

    Opening on October 6, 2015, the Mercy Virtual Care facility in Chesterfield, MO is the first of it's kind in the United States, providing virtual medical services to rural hospitals, physicians and patients, providing medical expertise and monitoring services to those who otherwise would be too far away to access specialists and other critical care personnel. Kolb was proud to be a part of the construction team bringing this innovative medical facility to fruition.

    • Hospitals
    • Physicians buildings
    • Urgent Care Centers
    • Surgical Centers
    • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Education
    • Completed site of Barat Academy in O’Fallon, Missouri.
    • Wentzville, Missouri Middle School project site.
    • Kolb Grading team preparing parking lot subgrade.
    • Pouring parking lot curbs and structures on a Kolb Grading site.
    • Elementary and Secondary Schools
    • Athletic Fields and Buildings
    • University Buildings and Facilities

    Paric Construction chose us to provide grading and foundation preparation for a private school in O'Fallon, MO. The Barat Academy school and stadium site required construction of a temporary construction entrance, clearing and grubbing over 15 acres, 230,800 cy of excavation and 55,000 cy of subgrade for the building pad. The parking lots required subgrade preparation, soil stabilization and lime slurry. A silt fence was installed, survey and layout was performed for a silt basin and screening was installed.

    We were selected by Landesign, LLC to perform demolition and grading for the Pattonville High School Natatorium and Stadium in Maryland Heights, MO. This required 50,000 cy of excavation after building a temporary construction entrance. In addition to preparing the site for the athletic field and parking lots, we provided 84,300 cy of finish grade, survey and layout, soil stabilization and retaining wall over-excavation.

  • Business / Industrial Parks
    Northpark Development job site in St. Louis County.

    Located in St. Louis County just east of Lambert Airport along Highway 70, the Northpark development is a master planned, 5.5 million square foot office / manufacturing / distribution facility complex that includes Express Scripts as one of its residents. Kolb was selected by the Paric Corporation to perform mass grading at the site along with survey and layout, clearing and grubbing, storm sewer installation, concrete swale installation and helicopter pad maintenance.

    Hardin Construction chose Kolb Grading to construct parking lots and building pads for the St. Louis Premium Outlets in Chesterfield, MO, Kolb performed site finishing for 60 acres, imported 250,000 cubic yards of material for an approved borrow pit, provided lime stabilization, erosion and traffic control. Double shifts were provided for this project, working in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

    Vernaci Construction chose Kolb to perform mass rock blasting and excavation at the Eagles Landing development in Lake Ozark, MO. Working near two major highways and on a limited timetable, the mass excavation was completed in 60 days with the remaining excavation completed in an additional 30 days. Over 800,000 cubic yards of rock was cleared with two shifts working. Erosion control installation and maintenance, including 23,000 cubic yards of unsuitable removal, was also provided.

    • Office buildings
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Distribution centers
    • Retail
  • Quarries
    Kolb Grading truck during annual maintenance at the Schiermeier Quarry in Augusta, Missouri.

    Comprehensive on-site services for Quarries. If you have a project in mind, please give us a call.

    • Blasting
    • Aggregate processing
    • Drilling