Mehldahl Hydroelectric Power Plant Facility site on the Ohio River in Foster, Kentucky.


We're experts at working to create and maintain safe environments for power producing facilities which helps them run cleanly, safely and efficiently. Whether that's building new energy cells for traditional power plants, grading protective areas around oil storage facilities and pump stations, or land-management services for water power plants, we're ready for the job.

  • Power Plants
    • Taum Sauk Reservoir in Annapolis, Missouri.
    • The Ameren Labadie, Missouri Power Plant.
    • The Ameren Portage De Sioux Power Plant.
    • The Mehldahl Hydroelectric Power Plant Facility on the Ohio River in Foster, Kentucky.

    We've done some of our best work creating supporting structures for energy producing facilities.

    Taum Sauk Stabilization: Annapolis, Missouri

    After a catastrophic reservoir dam failure in 2005, Kolb Grading was called to perform selected demolition and grading to provide safe access to the damaged site for Ameren and governmental officials. Working with civil engineers Rizzo & Associates, we helped write the reconstruction specs including roll compacted concrete and crushing requirements. This was a significant project, requiring planning, skill and creativity.

    • Parapet wall removal; process in place
    • Benching for eroded areas
    • Remove existing HDPE liner on the reservoir inner slope with wall hooks and safe-line systems
    • Surveying
    • Reconstructing and maintaining access roads
    • Creating a stockpile area using clearing and grubbing

    Meldahl Hydroelectric Plant: Foster, Kentucky

    We worked with Alberici Constructors to provide:

    • Rock excavation and benching
    • Hauling sand for crane pad construction
    • Haul and permanent road construction
    • Shotrock stripping and stockpiling
    • Elevation raise and shotrock replacement

    Labadie Power Plant Ash Cell: Labadie, Missouri

    A new Subtitle D landfill cell for Ameren.

    • 3,136,320 square feet of 90 millimeter HDPE liner installed using a side-boom deployment
    • 30 foot berm construction
    • Outfall structure
    • Excavated 500,000 cubic yards of material
    • Created the subgrade floor for the cell
    • Utilized mine waste to create cells
    • Installed a clay cap

    Ash Fingers at Portage De Sioux: West Alton, Missouri

    Fly Ash Pond Maintenance for Ameren

    • Created main and scrubber haul roads
    • Pipeline installation for water flow management
    • Trenched existing channels to deepen and widen them
    • Excavated, dried, hauled and placed over 300,000 cubic yards of dry fly ash from pond to fills
    • Removed 600,000 cubic yards of material to improve existing pond
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Pump Stations
    • Trans Canada oil pump station pipeline in Cushing, Oklahoma.
    • Keystone natural gas pump station near Pierron, Illinois.
    • Enbridge pipeline pump station in Salisbury, Missouri.
    • The Cushing, Oklahoma Trans Canada pipeline pump station and reservoir tanks.

    Kolb Grading has had the opportunity to help build pipeline infrastructure moving oil from Canada to the US Gulf Coast. At each pump station site we have created environmental perimeters around the station and storage facilities. Requirements include excavating, storm installation, geotextile installation and HDPE liners for spill containment.

    Featured Energy Pump Station projects:
    • Cushing Pump Station: TransCanada Pipeline
    • Nederland Pump Station: Enbridge Pipeline
    • Salisbury Pump Station: Enbridge Pipeline
  • Wind and Solar Energy Farms, Geothermal Plants
    The Lakeside 370 project site in St. Charles County Missouri.

    Kolb Grading can provide site clearing, access roads and utility infrastructure installation.