Bridge installation by Kolb Grading at the Sycamore Valley Lake project site.

Setting The Stage for Fun!

We will help you create your vision, whether it be a new lake, boulder wall, tennis court, or baseball field. We can excavate and create a new lake, install utilities to help manage water levels and plant trees to anchor wildlife. Whatever the project, Kolb Grading has the team, the resources and the equipment to build an outstanding project.

  • Lakes
    Completed Sycamore Valley Lake by Kolb Grading.

    Kolb has built, repaired and enhanced lakes of all sizes large and small. Our team can assist you in determining the requirements necessary to install the proper utilities to help manage the water levels. We are experienced professionals when it comes to working in environmentally sensitive zones and creating solid structures to meet your needs.

    • Lake construction
    • Embankment stabilization
    • Sediment management
    • Water channel construction
  • Sports Complexes | Athletic Fields

    Backed by our experience in construction and transportation, we have all the tools it takes to craft a master sports complex for any level of play. From elementary school to professional level - we have it covered.

    • Design/Build
    • Site analysis and engineering
    • Site preparation
    • Underground drainage systems
    • Access road construction
    • Parking lot construction
  • Parks
    Rendering of the Lakeside 370 Park Plan bordered by I-370 in St. Peters, Missouri.

    Much of our work in creating parks has been in conjunction with creating lakes and/or wetlands. That being said, we’re happy to build a sanctuary for both wildlife and people.

    • Access road construction
    • Parking lot construction
    • Trail construction and paving
    • Water management structures
    • Utility (water) pipe installation
  • Race Tracks

    Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse or NASCAR, a race track is a derivative of road building which we do exceptionally well!

    • Design/Build
    • Site analysis and engineering
    • Site preparation
    • Subgrade and running surface construction
    • Access road construction
    • Parking lot construction
  • Golf Courses

    Kolb Grading has done more for golfers in the state of Missouri than any other grading company! Having built most of the courses in the state, Kolb Grading knows how to work with the architect to create his vision.

    • The Missouri Bluffs | 18 Holes | Course Designer: Tom Fazio
    • Old Hickory | 18 Holes | Course Designer: P.B. Dye
    • Persimmon Woods | 18 Holes | Course Designer: Keith Foster
    • St. Albans | 36 Holes | Course Designer: Tom Weiskopf
    • Whitmoor | 36 Holes | Course Designer: Karl Litten
    • Winghaven | 18 Holes | Course Designer: Steve Nicklaus
    Course Construction Elements:
    • Survey and layout
    • Project management and cost control
    • Excavation
    • Subgrade and access roads
    • Shaping and finish grading
    • Hauling
    • Trail location and preparation
    • Underdrain system installation
    • Influent and effluent piping
    • Vents
    • Geo-grid and porous pavement
    • Project documentation
    • Sand drainage
    • Bunker construction