Utilities & Infrastructure

Water Management is a mission-critical service required by utility companies; private, municipal and commercial development; and an essential requirement for any form of development.

  • Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

    Kolb Grading has a significant portfolio of water management projects under its belt, working with recognized utility companies as well as private owners, installing solutions for all types of water management.

    • Water pipeline
    • Cast in place structures
    • Security grating
    • Low span bridges and tunnels
    • Storm and sanitary pump stations
  • Sanitary & Storm Pump Stations

    Serving to move water throughout a distribution system, Kolb has installed numerous pump station facilities. These facilities create solutions for water/wastewater projects. They are used in conjunction with reservoirs, rivers and wells and are an important tool in Kolb's toolbox.

  • Cast In Place Structures

    Cast in place structures are typically created on-site due to their size, or nature. Kolb Grading has prepared sites for many cast in place structures, the most significant being located at St. Louis's Lambert International Airport. Required to drain water from the new runways built as part of the 2002 airport expansion, Kolb Grading managed all aspects of this project phase, including working with heightened security measures.

  • Bridges & Tunnels

    In many cases our projects require the installation of bridges or tunnels for either traffic or water passage. Using either pre-cast concrete structures, box culverts, or design-build, we have installed bridges and tunnels for railroads, airports, highways, utilities, wetlands and private projects.

  • HDPE Pipe Installation

    Our experience in the ulility field includes working with HDPE pipeline installations. Our welding crewmembers have received proper training and are certified in all aspects of field joining of HDPE pipe and fittings, using suitable equipment and appropriate environmental control procedures. Field-based heat fusion capabilities are held in:

    • Socket Fusion
    • Butt Fusion
    • Saddle Fusion

    Kolb Grading's Vermeer T1255 was used to install HDPE pipeline on the Iowa Fertilizer project. The benefit of this highly specialized piece of equipment is that it performs multiple activities normally requiring additional machinery and manpower, and is extremely useful in projects where blasting is not desirable. It works equally well in utility or energy large-diameter pipe installations or in deep sewer and water applications.