Kolb Grading installing a utility box culvert.

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Have Equipment, Will Travel

Kolb Grading equipment en route to the Ameren Taum Sauk Reservoir.

With roots solidly in the Midwest, Kolb Grading can travel to, and perform in, project environments across the continental United States. Serving in either a sub-contractor role or as a general contractor, Kolb Grading brings its commitment to safety, quality, timely project completion and being a good neighbor to any US neighborhood. In all cases, they are the local firm you want in your locale - working with local crewmembers, or bringing in a team - whatever it takes to bring about a successful, quality result.

The Indiana I-69 project is a project that involved a complex crew, multiple stages of work, challenges that were met, and wildlife considerations. Jeff Kolb commented, “We not only worked around the brown bat habitat, but we also worked around a bed of snails in a stream running underneath a bridge installation. We did extensive work in building embankments, excavating 10 million cubic yards of unclassified material, processing the materials to a 4 inch minus, and working with shale, sandstone, limestone and fat clays. We then refilled and built the embankments using the processed materials in conjunction with high strength geo-textiles for stabilization and erosion control.”