The Kolb Grading equipment lineup on site at St. Louis Lambert International Airport during the airport expansion project.


"Excellent project partners". That's the impression we want to create with all of our interactions and everyone we work with, and we want that impression to stick long after the work is done. Complex projects are our specialty, and we have the strong skill sets necessary to match those projects and deliver a successful result.

  • Planning & Project Management
    Kolb Grading Indiana I-69 supervisors meeting in Indiana.

    Our planning and project management is where our experience really shows. Planning up front saves time and money, allows us to put forth our creativity and value engineering on the front end of a project and delivers an outstanding body of work every time.

    • Quality control
    • Planning (concept and design)
    • Budget preparation
    • Crew assembly and management
    • Site establishment
    • Risk identification and mitigation
    • Inspection coordination
    • Budget management
    • Compliance reporting
  • Complete Site Preparation
    • Bridge construction on the Page Avenue Extension project (Highway 364) in St. Charles County, Missouri.
    • Kolb Grading project crews working to meet deadlines.
    • Kolb Grading teams preparing site at Indiana I-69 project.
    • Equipment grading a road bed on the Arkansas I-71 project.

    We will handle it professionally, take care of the details, and deliver a fully prepared site.

    • Project requirements and specifications
    • Quality control
    • Planning (concept and design)
    • Budget preparation
    • Crew assembly and management
    • Site establishment
    • Risk identification and mitigation
    • Inspection coordination
    • Budget management
    • Compliance reporting
    • Crew safety training
    • Subcontractor coordination and reporting
    • Budget management
  • Excavation
    Kolb Grading crew working in Arkansas on the I-71 project.

    This is where our company has its deepest roots: clearing and preparing land for the next purpose: airports, highways, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, construction sites, remediation sites and demolition.

    • Site survey and layout
    • Clearing and grubbing
    • Shape and finish grading
    • Subgrade management
    • Soil amendments
    • Comprehensive earthmoving
    • Class A
    • Class C
    • Unclassified
    • Unsuitable
    • Embankment construction
  • Blasting
    • Drilling holes for blasting on a highway project site.
    • A group of rock drills preparing a large site for blasting and excavation.

    Safety and planning are the key components of an effective blasting project. We’ll work with you to fully understand the requirements, approach the site with experienced eyes and crew and fully take care of all of the details.

    • Site survey
    • Explosives management
    • Permit management
    • Site clearing and preparation
    • Materials hauling
  • Pipe & Structures
    • Utility pipe being lowered into place for installation.
    • Cast in place structure being poured at site.
    • Lambert St. Louis Airport stormwater pump station pad being poured.
    • Lake St. Louis, Missouri water pump station project.

    For comprehensive water management, distribution and disposal.

    • Water Pipe
      • Water main installation
      • Fire hydrant systems
    • Sanitary Pipe
      • Sanitary main installation
    • Storm Pipe
      • Storm main installation
      • Underground drainage systems
    • Box Culverts
      • Under road, railroad track, or trail
      • Replacement for small bridges
    • Manholes
      • Utility vault installation
      • Security grid covers
    • Cast in Place Structures
      • Placement excavation
      • Forms installation
      • Concrete management
  • Stabilization
    • Levee embankment construction with Kolb Grading machinery.
    • Kolb Grading utility crews at the Taum Sauk Reservoir installing fabrics.

    Erosion management, soil amendments and stabilizers:

    • Soil: code-l, lime, hydrated lime, cement, fly ash
    • Geosynthetic fabrics: high strength geotextiles and geogrids
    • Rock: rip rap, rock
  • Aggregate Processing
    • Kolb Grading cleans up after Schiemeier Quarry project in Augusta, Missouri.
    • Processing aggregate on-site for re-use.

    An important part of material processing during highway construction and other building applications, we have the tools to process rock on site, transforming it into material available for other project uses.

    • On site
    • In quarry
  • Bridges
    • Completed Indiana I-69 bridge and highway.
    • Installing pre-cast sections of the Sycamore Valley Lake bridge.

    Many of our projects require water management, particularly those that involve stormwater paths intersecting with vehicle and railroad traffic. We’re happy to provide utility bridge installations to provide a complete package of water solutions.

    • Utility
    • Box culvert installation
    • Precast concrete panel bridge installation