St. Louis Mills Mall

St Louis Mills Outlet

Kolb Grading, LLC was awarded two contracts at this specific site. First, we
cleared and performed demolition before the Mills Partnership bought 835+
acres to construct the St. Louis Mills Mall. The Mills Partnership then employed us to
perform excavation and utility installation. Project features:

  • Demolition; Clearing and Burning
  • Erosion Control; 2,500,000 cy of Dirt Moved
  • Sanitary and Storm Installation
  • Water Installation;
  • Dewatering; Temporary Haul Roads
  • Soil Stabilization with Fly Ash
  • Survey and Engineering
  • Seeding and Sodding
TriStar/Mills Partnership
KG’s Role:
General Contractor
Hazelwood, Missouri
Contract Value:
$11 Million

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