Utilities and Unconventional Infrastructure

Utilities and Infrastructure

Kolb Grading offers its civil construction services to regions around the country, often specializing in the development of underground infrastructure. This goes hand-in-hand with Kolb’s industry-specific safety requirements, rigorous project timetables, and support for numerous client and project site demands.

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Water, Wastewater and Stormwater

The Kolb Grading portfolio features work with a variety of utility providers as well as individual property owners to implement water management solutions for any type of issue:

  • Water Pipelines
  • Cast-In-Place Structures
  • Security Grating
  • Low Span Bridges and Tunnels
  • Storm and Sanitary Pump Stations

Sanitary and Storm Pump Stations

Installation of pump station facilities is one of many services provided by Kolb. These facilities design and build water/wastewater solutions. They are frequently utilized in tandem with reservoirs, rivers, and wells and serve as a valuable part of Kolb’s portfolio.

Cast-In-Place Structures

Kolb Grading has worked on preparing many cast-in-place structures, scaling from a 6-story tall area inlet structure with 3-foot-thick walls down to common municipal box culverts.

Bridges and Tunnels

Many of our projects involve the construction of bridges or tunnels that are used for both transportation and water purposes. We have bridges and tunnels for railroads, airports, highways, utilities and private projects.

HDPE Pipe Installation

We have worked on HDPE pipeline installations in the utility industry from 42″ down. We have welding crews certified in all areas of the field joining of HDPE pipe and fittings. Our teams feature field-based heat fusion capabilities:

  • Socket Fusion
  • Butt Fusion
  • Saddle Fusion

When commissioned for full service, Kolb Grading’s customized equipment has put in 2,500-3,000 linear feet of pipeline (of all sizes) per day.

Our Services

Our underground utility services encompass many different types of construction:

  • Building Structures
  • Architecture
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Waterways

This includes many kinds of structures:

  • Permanent or Temporary
  • Internal or External
  • Connected or Isolated

Our Process

Our advanced utility services include Caterpillar’s Next Generation and allow us to map the underground landscape, and identify safety concerns and barriers before any excavation takes place. As a result, surprises encountered during utility excavation are avoided, keeping projects on budget and on time.

Subsurface utility mapping affords many advantages:

  • Improve Design and Constructability Analysis
  • Eliminate Utility Hits/Outages
  • Improve Schedule and Budget Accuracy
  • Improve Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is more than a number and a ranking to our team; it is a fundamental piece of the way we run our business, woven into every step of our unconventional infrastructure processes. This gives you peace of mind knowing your project will not only be done on time, but will also be done properly and safely.