Underground Utility Services

Underground Utilities

Kolb Grading is pleased to provide underground utility installation support services in addition to its other site development and infrastructure construction services. Building landmarks that help so many is an honor for us.

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At the onset of our partnership, we begin to invest our time, abilities, and knowledge to ensure we are providing the most value and quality in the safest manner.

Our Services

Our underground utility services encompass many different types of construction:

  • Building structures
  • Architecture
  • Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Waterways

This includes many types of structures:

  • Permanent or Temporary
  • Internal or External
  • Connected or Isolated

Our Process

Our advanced utility services include Caterpillar’s Next Generation and allows us to map the underground landscape, identifying safety concerns and barriers before any excavation takes place. As a result, surprises encountered during utility excavation are avoided, keeping projects on budget and on time.

Subsurface utility mapping affords many advantages:

  • Improve Design and Constructability Analysis
  • Eliminate Utility Hits/Outages
  • Improve Schedule and Budget Accuracy
  • Improve Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is more than an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) number; it’s a culture we are committed to.Our success is dependent on returning clients, which we are proud of. We realize that a successful team, project, and customer experience will pave the way for the next project, team, and opportunity to shape the future.