Kolb Grading is an experienced demolition company that works in St. Louis, MO, and nationwide. Kolb Grading has helped our customers carry out various demolitions, including commercial, industrial, highway projects, and subsurface blasting for utilities.

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Demolition Services

Our services include:

  • Site Survey
  • Explosives Management
  • Permit Management
  • Materials Hauling
  • Salvaging, Segregating & Recycling

Kolb Grading has the experience to face any task safely, professionally, and successfully!

Complex Concrete Solutions

No two pieces of reinforced concrete are alike. Locks, dams, and power plants are all reinforced concrete constructions. Kolb Grading can assist in removing any type of concrete. Kolb solves the requirements of each reinforced concrete project with specially-developed drilling equipment and superior blasting procedures.

Our Demolition Process

Kolb Grading’s demolition involves meticulous preparation, site assessment and efficient demolition techniques. OSHA mandates an engineering survey for every structure to be demolished to determine the best method of destruction. Kolb Grading is respected by its customers for completing projects on schedule, within budget and with optimal safety measures. We handle a wide range of large-scale commercial and industrial projects:

  • Structure and Building Demolition Above and Below Water
  • Concrete Foundation and Structure Removal
  • Bridge Deck Removal
  • Utility Removal
  • Equipment Removal
  • Facility Dismantling
  • Total Removal of the Building
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Multi-Story Facilities and High-Rise Facilities
  • Steel Factories
  • Oil Refineries
  • Resourcing & Recycling
  • Nuclear Power Plants

Why Kolb Grading for Demolition?

  • Residential and Commercial Demolition Services
  • Highly Skilled, Certified Personnel
  • All-In-One Service Offering
  • Heavy-Lifting Services
  • Free Estimates
  • High-Level Commitment to Safety
  • The Most Tenured Team of Demolition Experts in the Midwest

Kolb will be there for the duration of your project–we offer far more than demolition services and can provide you with an all-in-one service offering including budgets for moving dirt, recycling concrete and more.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our number one priority while completing a demolition project is safety. Pre-job safety precautions are strictly followed at our sites to protect each of our team members and all of yours. Completing projects on time is important, but completing them safely is our priority.