With its ability to assist with all facets of highway, airport, and railway transportation projects, Kolb Grading delivers efficiency and value-added service to all projects. The earthmoving, utilities, concrete, and geotechnical expertise Kolb has enables us to provide comprehensive solutions to your transportation projects on the scale you need.

Thanks to Kolb Grading, the transportation industry has found its way onto numerous world-renowned projects that are used by hundreds of millions of travelers every year.

What We Offer

The projects we work on include the creation of new highway lanes, bridge repairs, railway improvements, and airport upgrades.


A large amount of project coordination and administration is required to execute airport building work, especially during the construction process. St. Louis Lambert Airport extension is ranked as one of the top six projects produced by Kolb.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport – St. Louis, Missouri

The 2002 St. Louis Lambert Airport expansion created additional runways, access and utility capacity. Kolb led the way by clearing and preparing the 8 million cubic yard site, shoring up the new runway foundations with proper controls using 20,000 ton of rock subgrade stabilization, installing cast and place utility structures, installing security mechanisms on those utility structures and hauling off site debris. Environmental services included seeding and mulching 452 acres and providing erosion control for over 600 acres.

Serving as General Contractor to the City of St. Louis, Kolb’s involvement in the Lambert St. Louis Airport extension encompassed four distinct projects:

  • Grading and Paving Airport Runways 5 and 6
  • Airport North and South Temporary Bypass (Lindbergh Boulevard)
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Cast-In-Place Structures
  • Lindbergh Boulevard Tunnel Backfill

Tasks Included in the Lambert Project:

  • Site Clearing and Grubbing
  • Unsuitable Dirt and Existing Pavement Removal and Haul
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Rock Grade Subgrade Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Sanitary Sewer Installation
  • 55’ Storm Sewer Cast-In-Place Structure
  • Security Grate Installation on Utility Structures
  • Security Training and Employee Badging
  • Grading and Paving
  • Seeding and Sodding

Coral Creek Airport – Placida, Florida

The Coral Creek airport expansion included relocating gopher turtles, clearing trees and brush, erosion control measures, grading 200,000 cubic yards of sand and making base out of coral rock which saved two million dollars in imported materials. One challenge was that the existing runway had to stay operational during the entire construction phase. The new 1 mile runway project included lighting and striping the tarmac.


In Kolb’s portfolio of highway construction projects, there are many examples of success. Our experience includes a compilation of Missouri Department of Transportation projects, the highway expansions on routes 5, 67, and 364 in Camden County, route 5A outside of Poplar Bluff, and a partnership on construction of Route 364 in St. Charles County. US Routes 71 and 72 as part of the Bella Vista Bypass project in Arkansas have enabled Kolb to expand their work to Indiana and other states.

Indiana I-69

The Interstate 69 highway project in Indiana was a complex, significant undertaking requiring plenty of advanced planning, technical know-how, the ability to manage Indiana-based personnel and to manage construction while remaining stewards of the environment. The site was located in southwest Indiana, an area containing multiple karst features and waters of the United States. This required strict water quality management and conservation. The contract required Kolb to perform stage D construction in an effort to preserve wildlife habitat for animals or native protected species with included American bald eagles, Indiana bats and snails.

  • Site Clearing, Grubbing and Chipping 200 Acres
  • Unsuitable Removal and Stabilization 40 Feet Deep
  • Box Culverts and Piping
  • Building Embankment (10 million Cubic Yards of Unclassified Excavation; Processing Materials to a 4-Inch Minus; 110-Foot Fills)
  • Processing and Segregating Shale, Sandstone, Limestone and Fat Clay
  • 465,000 Square Yards of High Strength Geo-Textile
  • 1.1 million Linear Feet of Wick Drains
  • Stabilized 600,000 Cubic Yards of Embankment
  • On-Site Aggregate Manufacturing of 200,000 Tons
  • Stabilization of Sub-Grades
  • Erosion Control
  • Rip-Rap and Rock Placement
  • Bridgework Including 2500-Foot Long by 80-Foot Tall Substructure
  • 90-foot piles Oriented in 30-Foot by 60-Foot Footings
  • All Bridgework Performed in Floodplain Surrounded by Environmental “Do Not Disturb” Wetland Restrictions
  • Wildlife Preservation

Missouri Page Avenue Extension

The Page Avenue Extension project was a collaboration between MoDOT, St. Charles County and local municipalities who teamed together to fund a 10-mile divided highway—also known as Highway 364—between Interstate 270 in Maryland Heights and Highway 40 (Interstate 64) in Lake Saint Louis. Facets of this multi-decade project included constructing a highway through Creve Coeur park, relocating a lake, bridge construction, utility relocations, design and construction.

MoDOT used a Design-Build contracting process to have contractor teams compete to win the contracts. The Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the contract on February 6, 2013, awarding the project to the Page Constructors Joint Venture, which included Fred Weber Inc. and Millstone-Bangert Inc (now known as Millstone Weber) along with Kolb Grading and lead designer, Parsons Transportation Group.


Kolb Grading is proficient in everything from clearing, digging, stabilizing, and grading railroad track beds, as well as embankment construction and stabilization.

Meramec Power Plant Rail Loop

Ameren UE selected Kolb Grading to build a rail loop around its Meramec Power Plant facility. The scope of the project included several tasks:

  • Importing 150,000 ton of Shot Rock
  • Build and Stabilize a Rail Loop Through Ash Ponds
  • Stabilize the Rail Floor Subgrade Up to 20 Feet in Depth
  • Move 250,000 Cubic Yards of Processed Ash for Embankments
  • Sealing the Embankments with a Clay Liner

Bear Run Lead Track

The Indiana Railroad Co. hired Kolb Grading as general contractor to perform multiple tasks at the Bear Run Lead Mine in Duggar, Indiana.

  • 800,000 Cubic Yards of Excavation
  • Clearing and Grubbing 100 acres
  • 30,500 Tons Place and Compact Shot Rock
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe Installation
  • Track Removal and Stockpiling
  • Conspan Bridge Installation
  • Access Road and Fencing
  • Used Mine Waste to Create the Rail Road, Followed by Capping of the Waste
  • Utilized Lime Stabilization
Bridges and Tunnels

When it comes to bridge and tunnel construction, the Kolb Grading crew has a lot of time, previous project expertise, and experiences to show. Our experience includes structures that have been designed to provide access to trucks to haul contaminants without using public roads; provide a major thoroughfare for traffic under the runways at St. Louis Lambert Airport and provide safe crossing through a storm water runoff.

Indiana I-69

Kolb not only excavated and graded the site for a new bridge on I-69, it installed a 2500 foot-long, 80 foot-tall substructure with 90-foot pilings oriented in 30-foot by 60-foot footings. All of the work done on this project was performed in a floodplain which was surrounded by environmental “Do Not Disturb” wetland, restricted areas home to blue line streams and snails.

Page Avenue Extension Bridges

The Page Constructors joint venture, including Kolb Grading, excavated and prepared sites for cast in place structures creating nine overpasses, including the Hwy 364 bridge over Hwy K in St. Charles County, Missouri. This Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) structure is a controlled traffic flow bridge.

Weldon Springs Remediation

Built two tunnels to haul contaminants from the site without using public roads;these structures are now part of a public access park / bike / running path.

Lindbergh Boulevard Tunnel (St. Louis Airport)

Awarded the North/South Bypass project on Lindbergh Ave during airport construction. This project included backfilling a half-mile long cast-in-place tunnel using geotextiles, Type 1 and Type 4 crushed stone and lime stabilized soil.

Sycamore Valley Bridge and Spillway

For a private owner, Kolb Grading extended a four acre lake to a 90 acre lake. Aspects of the project included building a new dam and spillway, installing a 48 foot arched pre-cast concrete bridge/spillway and adding shotcrete for stabilization and spillway construction.

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