Soil Stabilization Services


In addition to its wide range of civil construction skills, a key component in Kolb Grading’s ongoing operational success has been the ability to strategically implement services that expand and enhance the firm’s existing suite of services. Kolb has combined many soil stabilization techniques which include cement lime and ash stabilization, mine grouting and roller-compacted concrete (RCC) into its increasing range of construction specialties.

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Our Experience

Soil Stabilization

To date, Kolb’s work has included using lime and cement to stabilize soil, using geo-synthetic materials for placement, treating soil to increase its capacity, removing water, dewatering and applying both structural and retaining walls.

Mine Grouting

Kolb’s mine grouting projects have been done in tandem with the building of highways, roads, commercial and industrial facilities and alternative energy development sites.

Roller Compacted Concrete

Kolb has a wealth of RCC (or river detention) project experience, including dam raising construction, industrial staging and the installation of roadways and embankments.

Why Kolb Grading?

Sustainable soil stabilization requires years of training and expertise, and all the members of the crew have the requisite chemical knowledge to generate a truly exceptional product. Our team provides long-term valuable contributions to Kolb’s well-known image as a provider of high-quality soil stabilization services, exceptional customer service and dependable industry expertise.

Our Commitment to Safety

To ensure the safety of the environment and public, our team mitigates the dust and emissions concerns prior to and during mixing, compacting, distributing and regrading the soil.